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Aerie Releases Their Abilitee Adaptive Wear Collaboration

American Eagle’s Aerie just released their new collaboration with Abilitee Adaptive Wear of accessories that support a variety of medical devices and conditions. These include cath clips, waistbands, ostomy covers, and soft sleeves.

 The collaboration helps to normalize medical conditions in everyday life. As Saba Kamaras, the Chief Operating Officer of Abilitee, explains, “When you can go to a brand like Aerie and shop like anyone else, and buy a beautiful belt or top that’s going to work with what you have going on in your life, that just normalizes it.”

Abilitee was started two years ago online in Austin, Texas, by Dr. Julie Sanchez and Marta Elena. Dr. Sanchez approached Elena with the hopes of making life easier for patients with disabilities.

Elena says, “It’s 2020, but ableism and exclusion on the basis of medical need remains prevalent in many areas. Our mission is to help shift the scales in the opposite direction; to address the unique needs of this diverse population as a means of elevating and empowering them to live their best lives.”

Aerie has been making major steps towards inclusivity for quite some time now. Six years ago Aerie launched its #AerieREAL campaign with a vow to stop airbrushing their models. Since then, the brand made it their mission to include a more diverse and inclusive group of models. 

Already a hit, Aerie’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Stacey McCormick said, “The response from both of our communities has been very strong! We have been hearing so many heartfelt stories of how our products are helping people and they want more! We love working with the Abilitee team and will continue to work with them to offer adaptive products that both our customers can use in their everyday lives.”

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