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Feeding Tube Accessories: How to Improve Life with a Feeding Tube


feeding tube accessories


Keeping a feeding tube secure, clean and safe is important but can have a fun twist. Many feeding tube accessories are available, created by caregivers and manufacturers to secure the tube and make life with a feeding tube easier and more fun. From FDA-approved retention tape for NJ and NG tubes, to onesies with built in ports for efficient G-tube access; comfort and security is available for children in kid-friendly designs.

Button pads protect the skin around the feeding tube against irritation and moisture and are washable for safe, continued use. Not all children need to use a dressing or button pad with their feeding tube. If your healthcare professional has suggested the use of a dressing, reusable and washable button pads can be a comfortable, fun and environmentally-friendly alternative to gauze.

Homemade covers and belts can be worn under the clothes, help secure the g-tube to prevent snagging and to promote safe patient activity by containing all parts of the button and tube.

Tip: Remember to keep the skin around the tube clean and dry. Always change the dressing as soon as it becomes wet or moist.

Available from Abilitee Adaptive Wear 

g tube pads abiltitee


Adaptive Clothing

Stylish clothing made with access points for efficient G-tube access, making feeding easy on-the-go.

C. C. MooLotsa Brave People, & Abilitee Adaptive Wear


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Sarah Sanchez, NDTR Product Specialist | Shield HealthCare

09/14/17  2:27 PM PST


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